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About antibodyMX
Designed to act as the first line of defence for your mail server, antibodyMX is a distributed, hosted antispam and antivirus filtering service. Our customers typically see a near-immediate, near-total reduction in the amount of junk arriving at their mail server. Based entirely on Open Source Software, antibodyMX is rock-solid and secure and provides enterprise grade filtering for SMEs, home users and public sector clients.

The very first spam email was sent over 30 years ago by a DEC employee advertising the launch of a new computer workstation family. Since then the quantity of spam, viruses and other unwanted content has grown to an estimated 86% of global email traffic, selling everything from cookie recipes to biological enhancements. Modern spammers use armies of malware-infested home computers to send billions of emails per day, clogging up inboxes and costing millions of pounds of wasted bandwidth, disk space and processing power. Spam costs companies dearly, employees spend time manually filtering mail, separating the critical messages from the unwanted junk. antibodyMX can help.

If you're looking for an antispam solution for your company, why not give antibodyMX a try? It's free for 30 days with no obligation and no payment upfront.

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Designed for smartphone users and road warriors, cellMX provides effective filtering for people using email on low bandwidth connections

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